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04 November 2010 @ 03:14 pm
Just putting my website so LJ doesn't see this account as "unactive" and delete it.

11 September 2009 @ 07:44 am
It's been a very long time since I logged into this account, but if anyone is interested in reading my newsletter, it's at:

It's been one year since I started my business, Pear Tree Enterprises and I have grown so much, I hired my first assistant (who will be featured in my newsletter next month).


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08 June 2009 @ 08:37 am
For those who keep adding me as a friend to share your SPAM "get rich quick" schemes ... you're wasting your time, I am not biting.

Is anyone else getting these crazy adds?


How's everyone else? 

I'm in a very good place. Still running my home-based entertainment business; also working for a fantastic non-profit a few hours per week and now WRITING again too! 

Super busy! 

Life is good! 

Dennis is great, the cats are great, everything is good.

Weather in NJ is perfect this time of year!

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23 January 2009 @ 02:47 pm
My article for the Jersey City Independent: 
21 January 2009 @ 07:35 am
LOL! I had this email in my spam box that said, "How Morons Make Millions" 

I was soooooooooo tempted to open it.

I can be pretty darn moronic and I could use some millions ... why not? 
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21 January 2009 @ 06:41 am

In my advanced yoga class we tried something new ... I think it's a new fad, I never heard of it before ... it's called IRON YOGA!

You perform the standard yoga positions, using light hand-held weights, making the poses that much more intense.

My body feels like a millions bucks! I'm looking forward to more of this.

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10 January 2009 @ 02:47 pm
And now for some joy my snuggle bunny Billy!

10 January 2009 @ 11:24 am

Good god almighty!!

I can't believe a person (not a friend, a mere acquaintance who got ahold of my email somehow) would get so offended because I say I don't want emails regarding petitions and "urgent " issues.

I think in order for all of us to learn to know and love each other, it's best to know what a person does and doesn't like.  I have highest respect for someone to speak their minds on issues of what they don't want to read.

Recently I found out a new friend doesn't like email jokes. I respect that and won't send her any.

In the past I've received male bashing emails; Obama bashing emails; emails with those horrific Anne Geedes baby faces in flowers; and an email joke that gave my computer a virus and I had to do a day's work at the library until we had a professional come to our place and fix the computer.

If I don't tell someone I dislike that stuff, they'll think I do like it and I'll keep getting it.

What is the big deal about me being honest??????

It's my email box. I should have some say over what I want in it.


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10 January 2009 @ 07:18 am
Here's the latest "duh of the day"

Yes, we are all busy.

I know that.

But if you are so busy, please do not respond to an email until you DO have time to read it.

Or don't respond at all.

I can't say this is the dumbest email exchange I've ever had, because there have been so many like this before, it's just pathetic.

I wanted to cast a vote for vegetarian school lunches at Change.org

Not that I'll be popping out a kid anytime soon, or at all, but I talk to a lot of parents and more and more children are making the choice to be vegetarians. Looking back, I still want to puke when I think of being forced to drink milk in school. So if I can vote for a better option for kids, so be it.

However, when I got to the site, I tried to press the "Vote" button and it wasn't working.

I sent an email to Change.org: 

This set up you have isn't the greatest. I wanted to vote for the vegetarian lunches, there's a button that says "vote" and it doesn't take me anywhere, I just see a bunch of comments, nothing I don't know or haven't heard before and really don't care to read.
How do I vote "yes"?

This is the response I got: 

There is a big blue VOTE NOW button to the left of the idea title.  You just have to click on that.

DUH!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that what I just wrote to you?

How do you respond to such idiocy? I just told them to take me off their email list, I don't have time for this, I do enough.

An answer that would have satisfied me would be something like, "I'll check into the software. Or maybe it's your software, so I'll add your name to the list if you'd like. "

There are solutions to everything. But people are so self-absorbed, all they care about is how busy they are and the EASY WAY OUT.

That said, I don't care to sign anything for any cause unless it's about those who can't defend themselves ANIMALS. Let parents worry about their own kids and their own lunches. You don't need my vote to get them a healthy lunch.

Unless the email is about someone killing wolves or deer, or sending someone to the electric chair for setting kittens on fire COUNT ME OUT! 
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09 January 2009 @ 07:10 am
Yesterday was the birthday of two extraordinary men in rock 'n' roll: David Bowie and Elvis Presley!

Share your stories (or comment on mine or both!) 


I think everyone in my generation remembers where they were when Elvis died.

I was in Florida with my grandmother and 13-years-old. I heard it on the radio and couldn't believe it. I didn't know enough about him to cry, but I was very sad. He was a permanent fixture in our household. Elvis records were always playing and I memorized the lyrics to every song. In my teenage year, me and all my punk friends embraced the rockabilly Elvis, who made great recordings on the old Sun label. But I've also embraced the cheezy, overweight, Las Vegas Elvis of later years. How can you deny that voice, that emotion? I'd probably be more of a fan if my mom WASN'T a fan, because it was Elvis overload in our home.

Two years after his death, I took a trip with my family to Graceland. I met and had my picture taken with Vester Presley, the uncle of Elvis.

I never had the sweet pleasure of seeing the legend perform live, but I live for Elvis impersonators and see them often.


I don't quite remember when I first became aware of Bowie or heard his music. All I know was he was in every rock magazine. By the early 1980s I was very much into his work, not just as a musician, but as an artist and actor too. There is not one thing that man can't do. My favorite films he was in included, "The Hunger" and "Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence" (that also featured the music of Sakamota, who I am also a great fan of).

I had 10th row at Madison Square Garden during his "Serious Moonlight Tour" in 1984. I still have one of the half moon balloons that flew over the stadium during the show.

In 1987, I saw Bowie again at Giant's Stadium in NJ for his "Glass Spider Tour." 

And I think it was 1982, Bowie walked right past me at The Ritz in NYC, with some body guards. I heard a loud, strong male voice say, "Everyone move to your left, everyone move to your left!" And there was Bowie, right in front of me. I saw his two different colored eyes, up close.

In 1998 I had tickets again to see Bowie. Unfortunately that night he had layringitis and cancelled his show. Instead, I took a cab down to Irving Plaza and saw Shane MacGowen.

Bowie and Elvis, two beautiful legends who gave the world so much happiness from their music and movies.  Bless their souls! 

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